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EDILLO makes the digital transformation process of building industry easier

The economy of building is turning into the economy of renovation. In this new phase of construction, the web is turning the method of researching and purchasing of goods into a virtual experience.
In response to this need of innovation in the entire building industry, our management, which has been working for years with the major national players in the construction industry--manufacturers, distributors, retailers and purchasing groups-- provides HomeUp, the strategic web solution to create new synergies and increase business within the construction supply chain.


EDILLO offers incomparable working tools for complete business management on the marketplace. Ease, immediacy and efficiency are our watchwords

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to professional users: designers, building companies, craftsmen and public bodies, EDILLO offers the opportunity to choose from an extensive range of qualified Made in Italy products and services.


EDILLO opens new marketing opportunities by securing the proper profiling of products and the application of the best sales strategy tailored to each reality.

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We create for the professional players the ideal conditions to expand their relationships and increase their business opportunities towards a profiled target, supporting them in the process of upgrading professional sales networks in the construction industry...

EDILLO is looking for your products!

We provide you successful strategies helping you to increase sales and customers

A virtual showcase open 24/7 enabling you to sell and deliver to a new costumer base or to geographic areas you could not reach before.

With EDILLO you can amplify your market visibility, setting a new standard in the construction supply chain.

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HU Prospects Manager

HU Prospects Manager is the app dedicated to HomeUp's commercial network. A powerful, simple and effective working tool that ensures a proper management of the customer portfolio and real-time updated valorization of activities.

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